Why do you need good copy?

I guess if you’re reading my blog then you already have a good idea what copy is and why you need to make sure your copy is as good as you can make it. However, I thought it might be useful to spell out exactly why you need good copy.

And by “good copy” I mean copy that gets you the results you want, copy that achieves your objectives.

1. You need good copy to attract your target market.
When you have a clearly defined target market and ideal client in mind, and you write specifically for those people, then your copy will resonate with that group and they will respond. If you are trying to market to everyone, with no specific client avatar in mind, then you’ll end up sounding bland and unexceptional – and you’ll be ignored!

Good copy written with your ideal client in mind will allow your prospects to recognise themselves in what you’re writing and know that they are in the right place.

2. You need good copy to enable you to be seen and heard through all the noise on the Internet.
There are millions upon millions of websites out there. There are probably thousands of websites offering the same sort of product or service that you’re promoting. And in order to be seen and heard through all that noise so that you gain the business, you need good copy.

3. You need good copy to help you stand out from your competitors.
This is your opportunity to convince your visitor to do business with you not with any of the other companies offering a similar service. Write your copy so your uniqueness comes through – it’s being a personality rather than a bland, faceless company that will make the difference.

4. You need good copy to get your prospects to take action
Whatever action you want your website visitors to take, it’s the copy that’s going to convince them – or not! So you must have good copy to persuade your prospects to take action. Good copy gets people to give you their email address. Good copy gets people to buy your product or service off the page. So, ultimately, good copy is what drives you to making more profits in your business.

Those are just a few of the reasons you need good copy – if you can come up with any more reasons do add them in the comments below.

And if you need a bit of help with writing good copy for your website or promotional materials do get in touch.

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