What is Copywriting?

copywriting word in wood typeI had an interesting email exchange a few days ago with someone I know quite well. It became clear from the correspondence that she didn’t really understand what I do as a copywriter.

My fault. I’ve obviously not made it clear enough when we’ve spoken.

This article is an attempt to clarify exactly what “copywriting” covers.

Firstly copywriting is the practice of writing copy. So we need to get clear about what we mean by copy.

In the broadest of terms “copy” is (usually written) communication between a company and its customers.

That covers a huge spectrum from the words on the packaging of a product through to the Annual Report to investors. And any and all written material in between.

Does your company use marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures and advertisements?
These are all examples of copy.

Does your company have a website to attract new business and/or keep existing customers up-to-date?
All the words on your website are copy.

Do you issue Press Releases to increase awareness of your company and what you are doing?
Again, that’s copy.

Perhaps you have a company blog full of useful articles to inform your customers and prospects – again those articles are copy.

If you have a business page on Facebook or LinkedIn, or if you tweet on behalf of your company – all those Social Media status updates and articles are copy.

If you have videos to promote your business whether sales videos or information videos, the scripts are copy.

If you use Case Studies or White Papers as part of your marketing, those too are copy.
As are the emails you send out to your customers, clients and prospects. Each one is copy.

Now, many small businesses will undertake writing most, or all, of that copy themselves. Larger companies will have a specialist, either in-house or outsourced, to write the copy for them.

There’s a huge difference between just writing about your business on your website and writing targeted copy to get a specific result.

As a specialist copywriter I can help you present your company in the most attractive light to your prospects, your customers and your investors. If that’s something you’d find useful, just get in touch here.

And if you can think of any other types of copy I’ve missed out do add them in the comments.