Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media posts
Do you have a Facebook account? A Facebook page for your business? What about a YouTube channel? And a Twitter account? LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and more?

The experts tell us that Social Media is the way to market your business these days.


Maybe not…

I think it depends very much on what you’re doing with Social Media, how often you’re posting, whether your posts are engaging your audience and whether your audience are even seeing your posts.

There’s a lot to know in order to use Social Media effectively and most businesses are not using any of it effectively – me included.

Here are a few words of advice I’ve gleaned over the last few months that you might find useful:

1. Master one Social Media platform before attempting another otherwise you spread yourself too thin and end up wasting your time with nothing to show for it.

2. Have a Social Media strategy in place – know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. And if you have any staff members you need to have a Social Media policy in place so they know exactly what they can and can’t say about your business on the platforms.

3. Be disciplined about the time you spend on Social Media. It’s only too easy to waste hours trawling through your news feed catching up with everyone. Ration yourself – set a timer if necessary and then log off so you’re not tempted to peak at other times.

4. Don’t leave your followers only on the Social Media platform. You don’t have full control of your Facebook page or your Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter (and all the others) have been known to close accounts down for little or no reason – and no recourse to resolve the issue.

If all your followers are on Facebook and not on your own email list then they’re all lost if ever Facebook decides to close your account. And don’t think it won’t happen – it’s not worth the risk.

5. Make your posts engaging. Get some response from your tribe. How do you do that? Asking questions, posting cute animal pictures, making provocative remarks, posting viral videos. Just be aware, some of those methods may not be a good idea for a business page – use your common sense. The thing is, you need to get your followers engaging with your posts in order for more of your followers to even see them.

6. Don’t just post your CV onto your LinkedIn profile and think that’s enough – it isn’t. If you want to be found and taken seriously as a business then you need to have a profile that uses applicable keywords and is written highlighting how you solve your target market’s problems. Think of it as a kind of sales page rather than a resumé.

7. YouTube is a lot more powerful than you might imagine. Just yesterday I heard that YouTube has now overtaken Facebook to become the largest Social Media site!

Are you making the best use of YouTube? Do you have videos that provide value to your followers? And are you optimising them properly? Using annotations, title, description and tags to your best advantage?

YouTube passes Facebook

Does that all sound too hard?

Maybe I can help.

For example, if you want to get your Facebook followers onto your own email list then you’ll need a Lead Magnet of some sort – perhaps a short report or handy tips guide that they will find useful. Then you can promote that on all your Social Media channels – invite your followers to download it for free, in exchange for their email address. And then keep in touch with the list you’ve built as well as posting on Social Media.

If you need help writing your Lead Magnet – do get in touch. This was an email I received in response to the last Lead Magnet I wrote:

“I have read through now and I’m totally inspired, it’s brilliant! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your research and thoroughness throughout.”

And if you need help crafting your LinkedIn profile I can help out there too. Just contact me and we can discuss the way forward.

Or if you need ideas for videos and video scripts, and the whole YouTube strategy, give me a call.

And, of course, as a copywriter I’m more than happy to write your status updates and tweets for you – just get in touch.

Social media can work very effectively to build your business, bring in new leads and grow your tribe. And it can consume your life if you let it!

So make sure you’re using Social Media to the best effect in your business.