“I love the copy”

“I love the copy. Simple and to the point. At first reading they seem so straight forward that you wonder why we needed someone to write it for us but of course the skill is in making it so simple and readable.”
Stephen Entwistle, Strategy Analytics

“Very impressed!”

“Penny delivered quality copywriting for a web blog and lead generation collateral regarding the GDPR. She took time to understand the business needs, ensuring the work was specific and attracted the right audience. The web article was well written and SEO optimised. The white paper was a major feat involving thorough research. Penny was flexible with re-writes and liaised with a Graphic Designer to ensure the overall publication was of high quality and authoritative. Very impressed – thank you!”
Debbie Scott, Marketing & Research Consultant, SeeLogic Ltd

“I am delighted”

“[Penny] researched and wrote a UK equivalent of the Harvard Business Review for Vistage on The Internet of Things. I am delighted with the end product.”
Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive, Vistage

“Sales page copy that converts!”

Rhonda Neely “Before hiring Penny to write my sales page I tried writing it myself, then hired a couple of other people and paid them, still not receiving the compelling converting copy I knew I needed.

After hiring Penny, she took the best copy that one of the other writers had provided and re-wrote a nicely worded sales page copy that converts! Penny knows exactly what questions to ask in order to give you the copy writing that you are looking for.

I highly recommend Penny for any copy writing needs you have!”
Rhonda Neely, Marriage by Redesign

“…the best money I ever spent”

Lori Osachy

“How lucky I was to find Penny Dablin! There are so many marketing coaches out there that encourage you to save money by writing your own copy, but believe me, they are WRONG. Writing copy that converts is a gift and an art, and Penny has copious amounts of both. After trying several others who just didn’t “get” what I do for a living, Penny was able to understand the heart of my work easily and convey it to the general public through her copy. She worked while I slept, and it was the best money I ever spent (and a bargain at that!). She is highly professional, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. You won’t be making a mistake in hiring Penny right away.”

Lori Osachy, Body Image Counseling

“The programme sold out!”

Judy Rees

“Hi Penny, just to let you know, the programme has sold out, with another six people lining themselves up for next time. Result! Thanks again. Best wishes, Judy”

Judy Rees, XRay Listening

Sales letter that gained results”

“Penny has a keen eye to detail and when proposed with an idea for marketing my services she really got creative. The result was a great, well thought-out sales letter that has really helped gain results. I will most definitely be using Penny’s services again.”
Richard White, Cheaper Cartridge

“Penny consistently over-delivers

Penny really knows her stuff! Finding her has been a god-send to me and my business. I’ve completed her excellent online course, How to Write Sizzling Sales Copy, which has made a huge difference to my websites, sales letters, e-mails, and my overall marketing campaign. She consistently over-delivers – and always in a very professional way with honesty, reliability and great integrity. I highly recommend her.
Maxine Harley (MSc), Psychotherapist

“Penny stands out from the crowd…”

Tonia Boterf

“Many may call themselves copywriters but Penny Dablin stands out from the crowd. Penny’s ability to ask the ‘right’ questions (which no one had ever asked before) created outstanding copy for me, it also created massive changes in my thinking and ability to express my business and services – to the point of gaining a new customer the first time after speaking with Penny. The copy Penny created was top notch and very affordable for the quality. Penny’s personality is as winning as her skill set too. Working with Penny is easy, generates amazing copy and gives clients additional verbal language benefits to utilize immediately to improve their business.”

Tonia Boterf
The Practical Expert™ Project and Business Manager

“Penny provided me with a sales letter that my customers respond to…”

“I have books and CDs and programs on writing a sales letter. And I continued to be frustrated. I continued to procrastinate on offering my products because of my frustrations.

Then I was referred to Penny Dablin. Penny spent time with me to understand what I was trying to accomplish with my business. She listened to figure out my needs. She made suggestions for different points of view. She calmed and reassured me about the process. And then she went off to do her magic.

Within a very short period of time, she was back with a letter that explained what I offered, why my customers needed it and how they could solve their problems in a concise and compelling way.

Penny then talked through the very few tweaks needed. Penny provided me with a sales letter that my customers respond to and she was a delight to work with.

What more could I ask for?”

Karen Dennison, Online Quilting Classes

“I was absolutely delighted”

I network with lots of small business owners, and I have seen firsthand the difference that well written copy makes, so when I launched the Eco Diva brand I decided to get in touch with Penny, who came highly recommended via a colleague of mine.

Penny is extremely professional. Before we started she spent a lot of time looking at exactly what my copy requirements were, and what kind of customer we were targeting. She asked a lot of questions and that really put my mind at ease.

I must confess that I did have a few reservations, not because of Penny’s abilities which I never doubted, but because this was quite a big investment for me. However, the minute the first draft arrived in my Inbox I was absolutely delighted, and so pleased that I had made the decision to use a professional copywriter. I felt that Penny totally ‘got’ what I was looking for, it was as though she had found the exact words that I was looking for, but couldn’t quite express myself.

I would definitely use Penny again, and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Abi Dean, EcoDiva