Why Being Number One On Google Is Not Enough

googleBeing number one on Google isn’t enough!

Everywhere you turn people are telling you the Holy Grail is to get to number one on Google for your specific keywords.

I’m going to share with you why that’s not enough.  Being number one on Google will get you visitors but if your website doesn’t convert those visitors into customers or leads then it’s a waste of your SEO efforts.

I was preparing to deliver a webinar recently on the 5 Biggest Website Copy Mistakes and How They Are Costing you Money.  As part of the preparation I did a random search on Google just to see what would turn up.  I entered the search string “massage therapy” together with the name of the town I live in into Google and went to the Number 1 site that came up.

To spare his blushes I won’t mention the site by name, suffice to say, it was an excellent example of most of the 5 big copy mistakes.

The site was minimal – there was a home page and a contact page, that was all.  The headline said “Welcome to my website” – as a headline that’s useless.  The purpose of a headline is to attract your visitors to read on.  “Welcome to my website” doesn’t give any reason for anyone to read further.  He had completely wasted that opportunity.

However, I was researching so I read on.

The text on the page was odd.  It didn’t flow.  It didn’t sound natural.

Not surprising really, it hadn’t been written for human beings it had been written for search engines.  And, in his defence, it had worked extremely well – he was number one on Google for the search term “massage thereapy” + my local town.

But being number one wasn’t doing him any good because the text on the page, his copy, was driving potential customers away.

As an example, at one point he wrote “Many of my clients would recommend me highly for the level of service I bestow on each and every ones of them, gaining me an enviable reputation.”  I kid you not – those were the exact words on his website.

It’s not English.  It’s totally about him (as was the rest of the page). And it leaves me feeling there’s something wrong with this guy.

Now consider, he’s number one for a local search for “massage therapy”.  Massage is a very personal intimate experience so you want to be 100% happy about who you’re going to see.  Text like that would make me decide not to go any further with my investigations for a local massage therapist.

And everyone does it.  You, me, and all your website viewers, will make a very quick judgement when they land on your site.  Your visitors are only interested in what’s in it for them.  They are asking themselves questions such as:

“Is this person someone who can do what I want or need?”

“Is this person someone I could work with?”

“Do I trust this person?”

“Is this person someone I’d like to get to know better?”

And many more.  They may not be verbalised but the questions are there in the back of everyone’s mind when they reach your website.

In this case the massage therapist’s copy was telling the world unintentional messages such as “I’m weird.”  “I don’t speak English as a native.” “I am totally all about me, me, me.”

None of which is attractive to the visitor.

So what’s the result?

I don’t know this gentleman.  I didn’t contact him about his services.  So I don’t KNOW for sure whether being number one on Google was helping him get massage therapy clients and building his business.

What I do know is when I checked back to the site a week later it wasn’t there.  In place of the site was an error message from the hosting company saying the site was unavailable because there was money owing on the account!

The only conclusion I could come to was the copy on the site was doing such a stellar job of driving customers away that he had gone out of business.  And you can’t find his site at all in Google any longer.

So, all the fancy SEO in the world getting you to the top of Google for your particular key words won’t do you any good if your copy is not enticing people to begin the know, like and trust process.

Write for real people first.

Being number one on Google isn’t enough!

I’d love to know what you think – do share your comments below.

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