Having been asked several times recently about how I write copy and what process I go through, here’s a brief overview of the steps I will go through when you contact me for a copywriting project.

  1. Initial contact: we’ll discuss your needs and determine the scope of the work. During this conversation I’ll use my coach questioning skills to get a really good idea of what you need and possibly a good angle for the project. I’ll also give you a rough idea of the expected fee. If you’re happy to go ahead we move to step 2.
  2. Project paperwork: I go away and create a tailor-made proposal and fee agreement for the project detailing exactly what’s involved and giving you a firm price for the work. If you’re happy to go ahead you agree the terms and pay the deposit so that I can start doing the work.
  3. Research and data gathering: I conduct thorough research looking at existing websites, previous promotional materials, competitors’ websites and marketing materials and anything else that’s useful. This stage may involve a further fact-finding interview with you or a member of your staff.
  4. Review of information: I spend time studying all the material and making notes, then I let it brew for a day or so while my subconscious works in the background.
  5. Write first draft: At this point I’ll start working on the first draft. This will go through several iterations and be proofread before I deliver it to you as a Word document. Note this is a first draft only, you may have ideas for changes, additions, or things you want removed. See next step.
  6. Client review: You review the work and make any comments you have preferably using Word’s tracking features on the document itself as this allows you plenty of space and is much clearer than handwriting comments scanned back and forth. If you have no revisions within 30 days of delivery of the first draft then the project is considered accepted and we move to step 8.
  7. Revisions: I will make up to two rounds of revisions to the copy within the original fee so long as the revisions are not a change to the original brief/specification.
  8. Acceptance: When you’re satisfied and accept the work I will present my final invoice. Please note the copyright for the work remains with me until the final invoice has been paid.