Sales Page 2

This client had a very targetted list of about 300 people who had expressed an interest in X-Ray Listening. She’d emailed them and directed them to her original sales page promoting her course.

Only one person had expressed an interest.

Then she was referred to me and asked me if I could do anything to help her out as she was going to have to cancel the course.

I reviewed the sales page and immediately saw where it could be vastly improved. The body of her letter was pretty good but the beginning was alienating her target market and the call to action was unclear.

I reworked the page for her and she re-emailed her list of 300.

A couple of days later I received this email from her:

“Hi Penny, just to let you know, the programme has sold out, with another six people lining themselves up for next time. Result! Thanks again.
Best wishes, Judy”
Judy Rees,

A result indeed!

You Know How Useful Clean Language and
Metaphor Mastery can be…
Now’s Your Chance to Delve So Much Deeper!

If you…

  • Understand the principles of Clean Language – and you want to know more…
  • Are working with minds and metaphors – and you want to go much deeper…
  • Are fascinated by this whole area – and you want to explore the full potential of Clean Language as a Catalyst for Change…
  • Have heard about X-Ray Listening – and you want to discover exactly what it is and how to do it…

…then you’ll be very excited to hear about my new programme.


“The X-Ray Listening Adventure: Advanced Metaphor Mastery for Agents of Change”

The “X-Ray Listening Adventure” is an intimate and intensive 10 week course for just six adventurous individuals. In the course I will be taking Clean Language and Metaphor Mastery to a whole new level by teaching you the skills of X-Ray Listening. You will discover some of the most exciting ideas and techniques in the world of personal development today, and you will be able to apply them immediately in your own personal situations at home, at work, and in business.

I guarantee this course will change your life, both professionally and personally as you master the skills in so much more depth.

“Learn from Judy. Learn these skills and I promise you will be able to charge more money for your services because you will be providing more value and you will feel more confident.”
John Morgan.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m Judy Rees the co-author of “Clean Language” and founder of Over the last nine years I’ve trained hundreds of people to use Clean Language principles in coaching, in business, and in life with amazing results.

“Judy is most masterful, and above all has a highly engaging and generous personality. From the perspective of both a coach and a trainer – absolutely first rate – demonstrating and explaining artfully the process, application and more. I very seldom endorse anyone unless I truly believe that they are first rate – and in this case there was absolutely no hesitation.” Saul Ross MBA PhD, Melbourne, Australia

What This Course Can Do For You…


  • Understand yourself more deeply, and know why you do the things you do
  • Know what you really want, and develop stronger motivation to achieve it
  • Improve your existing relationships and find it easier to develop new ones
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflicts with others
  • Dissolve blocks to your personal development.

What This Course Can Do For Your Work…


  • Become more skilled at helping change to happen, whatever happens
  • Understand the structure of thought, emotion and change
  • Improve your skill at understanding what people really want
  • Know what your clients are really thinking and feeling
  • Consistently provide massive value, enabling you to charge more for your coaching and consulting services
  • Learn to handle “stuck” situations with confidence.

But this is not for lightweights!

Only keep reading if you’d value all of that and you’re willing to throw your energy into a real learning process.

What We’ll Be Covering on the Course

  • Advanced Questioning and Listening Skills – expand your toolbox of usable coaching techniques
  • Metaphor, the Mind and Behaviour Change
  • How Bodies Think – it’s not just your mind that directs your reality
  • Implementing the Persuasion Paradox
  • Catalysing Change with Clean Language
  • And much more…

How We’ll Be Doing It

  • Weekly live web conferences (using Google Hangouts and Skype)
  • Daily practice activities, tailored to your own real-life situations
  • Regular group support via email and Facebook
  • Additional practice with a learning buddy
  • Recorded tuition materials accessible online
  • Optional individual coaching with me (at preferential rates).

Are You Up For This?

This adventure is not for everyone. It will be intense and exciting.

Admission is by application. To be accepted onto the programme you will need to:

  • Be working as an agent of change. You might be a consultant or coach, for example. You can be working within an organisation or as a freelance. The key element is that people expect you to help them to change.
  • Have time to actively participate in the programme. The live web conferences will take about 90 minutes per week, at 10am UK time on Thursdays. You will need to allocate additional time for practice (and optional additional coaching)
  • Have a reliable broadband internet connection, a computer with microphone and webcam, and be able to use Facebook, Skype and Google Hangouts.
  • Be committed to learning these techniques. At a minimum, you will have reviewed my free online materials about Clean Language and metaphor, experimented with some of them, and be a regular reader of my newsletter. You may also have received some training in Clean Language – this is not a course for complete beginners.
  • Have experienced Clean Language coaching as a client (a single free session is enough)
  • Be committed to applying what you will learn in your own practical context.

The programme begins on 3 October 2013 and there are only six places available.

“Yes Judy, that’s just what I want, what’s my investment?”

Let me just recap on everything you’ll be getting on this course:

  • Ten, 90 minute live web conferences where I will teach all the concepts and techniques of X-Ray Listening and Advanced Metaphor Mastery
  • Daily practice activities individually tailored for you and your own real-life situations
  • Support via email and the private Facebook group
  • Additional practice with a learning buddy
  • Online access to all recorded tuition materials for review as often as you wish
  • Optional individual coaching with me (at preferential rates).

Your investment is just £597 for the whole course and you’ll very quickly be able to recoup that from your clients as you use your increased skills and abilities.

If you think you qualify and you would like to be considered for admission, complete the application form below and I’ll be in touch.

Do it now, the course starts very shortly!