Fundraising letter

This is the first draft of a fundraising letter I wrote for the charity Dentaid. As of the time of publication the Trustees have not yet sent the letter out.

Grow Your Practice and Change the World

How would you like to:

  • Grow your dental practice?
  • Positively impact the lives of thousands of patients you never meet?
  • Be seen in your community as a dentist with heart?
    • Dear Fellow Dentist

      I’m writing to you today to introduce the DentaidBox – also known as the Dental Surgery in a Wheelie Bin!

      This brilliant new initiative from Dentaid supplies all the basic requirements for dentistry in remote and poor areas of the world.

      The DentaidBox contains a portable dental chair with light and suction, dental instruments, solid fuel steriliser and consumables – everything an oral health worker requires to provide basic dental treatments. (More details can be found at

      We recently sent 5 DentaidBoxes to a charity working with disadvantaged people in Dubai. They wrote:

      “We managed to see at least 110 patients, maybe more, and gave away 300 goodie bags to people we didn’t have time to treat. It really was great and thanks to Dentaid we had everything we needed (and more!). The aim is to run the clinic on a monthly basis. There is certainly no shortage of patients.”

      The statistics are horrifying:

      • 80% of the world’s population suffer from dental decay
      • Poor oral health is directly linked to some of the world’s worst diseases – heart disease, diabetes, leukaemia, TB and more
      • Toothache, abscesses and other oral problems cause many children to miss schooling and adults to be unable to work
      • 434,173 dental professionals in the developing world are without the equipment they need to treat their patients.

      Working together we can make a difference!

      So how do you fit in?

      I’m writing today to ask you to consider sponsoring the Dentaid Smile Project to supply these mobile surgeries to people in need in poor, remote communities in places such as Malawi, Ethiopia and the Congo.

      In return Dentaid will provide your practice with:

      • Coaching and support in raising your media profile and growing your practice
      • Ideas and support for your fundraising initiatives
      • Photographs from the receiving project showing your DentaidBox in use
      • Regular updates and news from the project
      • Be featured on our website as a supporter
      • And more…
      • The Wheelie Bins look good with a fun cartoon character and your practice branding on the sides. And they are a robust and cost effective shipping container.

        When you join the programme you will be sponsoring a specific DentaidBox Smile Project so your practice and the receiving project team can form an ongoing relationship.

        The Public Relations opportunities for your practice are immense.

        Imagine being able to publicise your humanitarian efforts in your local media…

        You’ll be seen as someone who cares for those less fortunate – a dentist with heart. This alone will have an amazingly positive effect in your area bringing in new patients and improving your relationship with existing patients.

        This truly is a Win-Win opportunity!

        Your own patients will want to be involved in supporting this initiative in many different ways – from a simple contribution added to their normal examination fee, through to others who will want to be much more involved, perhaps organising sponsored events.

        The cost of supplying and shipping one DentaidBox together with the ongoing communication and relationship building between your surgery and the receiving project is just £2500.

        Will you commit to raising £2500 to sponsor your own Dentaid Smile Project?

        Your small contribution will have a massive impact on the remote people we can reach.

        These are people who have little or no oral health education and currently little or no access to dental treatment. At best, the dental professionals are working with no sterilisation and very few antiquated tools.

        Thousands upon thousands of people, particularly children, are suffering intolerable toothache day in, day out in these remote areas.

        Will you help us bring back the smiles to these people?

        Sponsor a Dentaid Smile Project today!

        Call us now on 01794 324249 to pledge your support and grow your practice with our PR experience and input.

        Thank you for your support

        Dental practice owner and Dentaid Trustee

        P.S. Even if you can’t sponsor a Dentaid Smile Project at this time we would welcome any donations to help our work. Please make cheques payable to Dentaid and send to:
        Dentaid, Giles Lane, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2BG