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This copy was written for a small flying charity based in the UK.

“The content you have written is incredible! Love it, really is fantastic. it reads so well and really am impressed.”
James Moon, Stratus Flying Charity

Save Our Sight

If you can read this then you can see!

Millions of people in developing countries can’t see properly. And the tragedy is, many of them suffer from visual problems that can be treated and cured!

Eye problems around the world
  • 39 million people are totally blind
  • 246 million more suffer from visual impairment
  • 75-80% of these people in developing countries are affected by treatable conditions!

Imagine how your life would be if you couldn’t see…

  • you couldn’t enjoy simple pleasures like reading a book…
  • you wouldn’t be able to see your loved ones or the beauty of a lovely sunset…
  • you wouldn’t be able to drive…
  • you would have to rely on other people to help you with so much of your daily living…

So many limitations would restrict your enjoyment of life, if you couldn’t see.

In the West we have access to first-rate eye care and treatment. Nobody has to go blind if it’s medically possible to treat the conditions.

In developing countries millions of people suffer from blindness and visual impairment unnecessarily. They suffer from treatable conditions such as cataracts and vitamin A deficiency.

At Stratus, one of our aims is to use flight to help treat preventable blindness within developing countries worldwide.

Treatable eye conditions:
  • Cataract – affects 20 million people worldwide
  • Trachoma – an infectious eye disease affecting 21 million people. Responsible for 3% of total blindness
  • Vitamin A deficiency – 250,000 to 450,000 children suffer from Vitamin A deficiency and many lose their sight as a result. Around 50% of those will die within 12 months of losing their sight.

How is Stratus making a difference?

  1. Our highly qualified medical volunteers train the local medical professionals in areas such as India, Jamaica and Vietnam how to treat these eye conditions
  2. They have ongoing access to our volunteers through live video chat once we’ve left the region so the local medics always have advice on hand
  3. We take in donated medical eye equipment to local clinics to support the work
  4. Reusing old worn glasses. Old pairs of spectacles are a lifeline for people in some of the poorest regions of the world giving them good eyesight at last.

How can you help us?

Cash donations are always welcome and will be shared between our projects.
Go here to donate:

Give us your old glasses! Rummage round at home and collect up all the old pairs of spectacles you don’t use any more and send them to us.

Thank you for helping us give others back the gift of sight!