See links below for examples of copy I have written in the past.

Much of my early work was written for a US-based copywriting agency and I do not have permission to share it.

Sales letter for online quilting classes – this is the original text I wrote for Karen. She made a few changes before publishing it on her own website at http://onlinequiltingclasses.com/

Sales letter for an advanced XRay Listening course – as a result of my copy the course was fully subscribed with enough enquiries to run a fully booked second course. And all from an email list of only 300!

Marketing Program Sales Letter. This sales letter promoted a marketing membership program. I understand it has been successfully working for the client.

Website copy for a UK based flying charity The charity director was very pleased with the copy and is in the process of having an updated website created where it will be used.

Email to promote a marketing workshop – the workshop ended up fully subscribed as a result of this email.

Trifold leaflet for a local handyman – this excited a great deal of interest with potential customers.

Direct response letter sent to existing clients of domestic cleaning company. This letter directly resulted in several extra spring cleaning jobs for the company

Letter to the Editor. This was a letter emailed to the editors of 850 local newspapers. There was no way of tracking how many of the papers published the letter however the organisation received 80 enquiries and 46 of those became members as a result.

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