Delivering value is important!

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Do you deliver value in your business? I hope so.

Maybe I shouldn’t expect something for nothing but I’m really ticked off right now…

I’ve just listened to a 90 minute teleseminar from a copywriter who promised a “training” call that would share 3 secrets to writing copy that attracts high quality, high paying clients. The sales pitch promoting the webinar had 6 bullet points about what would be delivered.

Now, with copywriting, I believe there’s always something more to learn so I hoped I’d learn something useful I could add to the extensive copywriting knowledge I already possess.

Not a bit of it!

For the first 28 minutes she told us her story. There was no useful copywriting information at all.

It then took her the next 30 minutes to give her audience this single nugget of information:

You must know who your target market is, what their problems are, and write to them!

And the final 30 minutes? That was a pitch for a “Breakthrough Session” that you just know will be a thinly disguised sales pitch for some very expensive product or service. (Turns out the offer is for a copywriting course at £1500!)

Throughout the call she kept telling us she was “just being honest”, and “telling the truth”! Personally I don’t think it’s very truthful to promise “3 secrets” and 6 bullet points of content when all you deliver is Step 1 of Copywriting 101 – Know Your Market!

Actually in my Sizzling Sales Copy course, Know Your Market is Step 2 because there is something you need to do before even defining your target market, and that’s Know Your Outcome. It doesn’t matter who your target market is if you don’t know what you want to accomplish with your copy.

As you can probably tell – I’m annoyed.

I believe if you’re in business then you should be providing value, not tricking people into thinking you will. If you offer a free teleseminar, or a free ebook, or a free anything, it should still give value. The people who consume your free information should be able to take what you’ve shared and make use of it. They should be able to benefit from the free information without necessarily working any further with you.

If you want to get an idea of the value I deliver then download my free report if you don’t already have it: “The 12 Step Sales Structure: How to Write All The Sales Copy You’ll Ever Need”

I’d love to read your comments on this subject. Do you agree? Or do you think it’s OK to promise something you have no intention of delivering? Enter your comments below.

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