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Musing on Motivation

Image of carrot on stick
Have you ever felt demotivated? You know, that heavy feeling where you’re dragging through the day procrastinating on the things you need to do, getting sidetracked with Facebook and Twitter. And by the end of the day you’ve achieved nothing!
I suspect most of us have been there at some time in our lives.

I’ve been looking at motivation – what it is, what it does for us, and, most importantly, how to turn it on when we’re not feeling it. [Read more of “Musing on Motivation”…]

Why You Need Professional Copywriting

Board with rising profit graphEvery company, however large or small, needs to market themselves successfully in order to stay in business.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is your marketing consistently producing the results you want?
  • Do your website visitors take action to call you, or sign up to join your list?
  • Are you happy with the response you’re getting to your adverts and promotions?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions then it’s time to consider getting professional copywriting help.

Let me explain what a good copywriter will do for you.
[Read more of “Why You Need Professional Copywriting”…]

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media posts
Do you have a Facebook account? A Facebook page for your business? What about a YouTube channel? And a Twitter account? LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and more?

The experts tell us that Social Media is the way to market your business these days.


Maybe not…

I think it depends very much on what you’re doing with Social Media, how often you’re posting, whether your posts are engaging your audience and whether your audience are even seeing your posts.

There’s a lot to know in order to use Social Media effectively and most businesses are not using any of it effectively [Read more of “Using Social Media to Grow Your Business”…]

Check your website copy

Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.Every so often someone will ask me to review their website and offer an opinion as to how we can improve response and engagement from the readers.

There are a lot of things I’ll look at when I do a full site audit but for the purposes of this article I’m going to share the 5 major things to watch out for.

I invite you to check your own site against these criteria.
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Time and task management

Lemon timer
One of the problems I face as an entrepreneur working from home is distraction management!

I’ll just check my emails… and follow a link to Facebook to delete a Spam post from a group… and stop to read a few other posts… and answer a Private Message… and go back to my emails…

Hold it!

I was supposed to be working on a piece of copy for a client – where did that last hour go?
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