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Penny Dablin

Penny Dablin

So who am I and what qualifies me to write copy?

I’ve been writing all my life. As a child I used to enjoy writing my Christmas thank you letters and at the tender age of 13 years I wrote my autobiography – filling a whole 60 page exercise book! And throughout my adult life I’ve written journals, articles and even a book.

When I left school I went to work in various bookkeeping roles and then later I got into IT as a computer programmer. Time and time again they’d ask me to write, although writing was not what I’d been employed for. I wrote software user manuals, documented working procedures, wrote a booklet explaining how some new laws would affect the industry and wrote the script for a sales video! I guess they asked me to do the writing because I could do it, and do it well.

One of my strengths is as a Practical Problem Solver referred to as “Dial-a-Dablin” by my friends who always call when they have a problem. And saving the day one Christmas Morning when we arrived at my parents home for lunch to find Mum in tears – the gas oven wouldn’t light and nothing was getting cooked. No turkey, no roast potatoes, no roasted vegetables…

No panic!

I rolled my sleeves up and took charge, borrowed a microwave from a neighbour, cut up the turkey and microwaved it in batches, and delegated Mum to roast potatoes and parsnips on the hob. Lunch was delicious – and not even late!

Work took a back seat when my two children were born. For a decade or two I did a variety of part time, home-based businesses to fit in around the children and bring in a little extra cash.

Along the way I was drawn to life coaching and underwent coach training. This taught me listening and questioning skills and got me in touch with my intuition. It also showed up how much work I needed to do on myself!

Then, when the kids left home I had the opportunity to study copywriting.

At last! I had finally found my calling in life. Writing sales copy and websites, increasing responses and conversions, and working in a huge variety of different business sectors so work is always fresh and exciting.

I’ve been writing copy for the last 5 years and enjoy making my clients stand out from the crowd.

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